Obeki | You are what drives us

Obeki | Solutions for electrical machinery, motors and generators for the shipbuilding industry

At Obeki we calculate, design, manufacture and test low voltage special electric generators and motors. We have been providing market solutions since 1950.

Design and calculation engineering

Own, integral manufacturing process

Standardised solutions based on the history of motors manufactured by OBEKI


Flexibility / Adaptation to specifications

Capacity to develop prototypes and new applications

Replacement of discontinued motors by other manufacturers, guaranteeing dimensional and electromechanical interchangeability

Brake-Motors for Marine and Offshore Winches


Obeki Company

We have a significant Motor Engineering and Design team, as well as 6,000 m2 of premises for manufacturing and testing the motors we design.



Obeki Sectors

We are mainly aimed at those sectors requiring electric motors with special, challenging features.



Obeki Products

Standard solutions for lifting motors, marine motors, motors for the iron & steel industry… and customised solutions with an R+D component.