Obeki | Products

    Common characteristics of all our motors
  • Strong and reliable
  • Cast iron (from size 71), Aluminium or Steel frameworks
  • From 0.1 kW to 500 kW (Shaft height 450 mm.)
  • Voltage up to 690 V
  • Motors without a fan (IC410), Self-ventilating (IC411) or with Forced Ventilation (IC416)
  • Assembly set-ups:
  • Horizontal legs (B3)
  • Horizontal flange (B5)
  • Horizontal flange and legs (B35)
  • Vertical flange (V1 or V3)
  • Other, standard or special
  • Sized to measure for the specific service they are designed for: S2-30', S3, S4-300 start-ups/hour, S4, S5…. Protection levels from IP23 up to IP66 Star/Delta start-up, Dahlander, PWM, Variator. Special equipment for different voltages and working frequencies. Adapted for work with a Frequency Variator, Insulated Bearings, Forced Ventilation, etc… Insulation Level F or H depending on the client’s requirements. High Start-up Torque and Maximum Torque Universal or personalised shaft outputs (diameter, length, key). Standardised or personalised flanges and anchorages Motors with axial or radial forced ventilation Specially designed and manufactured electro-brakes by Obeki or other commercial option. High brake torques: between 1.5 and 2.5 times the Nominal Torque, depending on size Solid shaft and hollow shaft encoders to control the motor’s closed loop Available with thermal probes and heating resistors, on demand